How To Concentrate On Studies To Get Best Results

How to concentrate on studies : All the students have a fair to get best results in the exams than any other students.But due to lack of lifelong skill i.e; concentration, many of the students are not studying with concentration and are  getting poor results.But have you a interest ,how to concentrate on studies ?Let us keep your mind on the following such as reasons,tips and solutions etc..

What are the Reasons that are Causing not to keep concentrate on studies :-

  1. Friendly relations with noisy children (changes our thinking nature and thoughts from studies)
  2. Improper listening while teaching   (creates confusion and UN-interest  while you start studying)
  3. Not having perfect clarification on doubts (disturbs our concentration mind)
  4. Lack of nutrition food (decreases the abilities)
  5. Tensions on further matters
  6. Fearings
  7. Bothering s and anger with family members
  8. No planning

The above factors specially acts upon us and reduce our concentration level for not to learn ours studies at maximum volume.The exercises and the activities should done by us are also getting delayed.But how can we overcome the above one’s?.The following are the overcomer’s from the above factors,when you follow.

How To Concentrate On Studies

1. commitment :-

without commitment we did not do anything.So you must have a strong desire that, “I must complete the task”.The commitment which you have taken should be strong from starting time to ending time.At the middle when  you get doubts or confusions you must commit to clarify them. Ex:-14% interest means ,in terms of rupees what is its interest? when you commit to clarify this doubt, its answer is 1.16[one rupee sixteen piasa] according to[14/12].Then by getting the answer you get much more concentration on remaining one. This is applicable for any type of difficulties [commitment for clarification].

2. Planning :-

Thinking before doing is known to be planning.You should prepare the time table ,at what time which subject you will able to read easily with concentration.EX:-some students are able to concentrate maths at early morning while some are general subjects.Best planning gives a successful  life to a student as well as concentration on studies.

3. Relaxation time at middle times :-

At middle times ,you must take relax  when you are studying.Continuous studying makes tied and bore for both physically and mentally.At relaxation time taking vegetables,fresh fruits helps to increase our energy level as much as when you take tea or coffee.Not only increment in energy level but also the concentration level.

4. Time Management and sleeping :-

It is necessary for a student to sleep for up to 7-8 hours per a day .But over sleeping causes defects on concentration ,it leads to functioning of a body get reduced due to oversleeping while as lack of sleeping causes unhealthy.But efficient and sufficient sleeping sharpens the concentration.Mostly it is important to remember is following Time to eat ,Time to read Time to play, Time to bed.

5. Choosing peaceful Environment :-

 The place which you choose for to study should be peaceful and free from disturbances,electronic noises and should be checked whether it has sufficient lighting or ventilation.If the place is not enough for sufficient lighting causes to feel dark and uneasy.

6. Be Aware of negative thinking :-

Negative thinking such as “I cannot do this “, “It is difficult to me”, “should I reach the goal ?” makes you not to concentrate on studies and leads to physical and mental depression.But it can be overcome by exercising the self control and by motivating the positive thinking such as “I can” brings you a strong belief on your goals and improves your concentration.

7. Self motivation and Questioning :-

The life long skill concentration may also be improved by motivating your-self  but by not comparing with others.Questioning nature in a correct manner develops the concentration level on studies.Giving priority to the  subjects in which you are poor, and by revising,practising them until you get perfection on them.

8. Maintaining better health :-

Health is an important factor ,although you have the ability to the above one’s.Taking nutrition food is also a step for to concentrate on studies.Lack of nutrition food lessens  your thinking capabilities, sharpen mind and leads to illness.So maintaining health is the important factor for to concentrate on studies.

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