Tips to Improve memory power

What are the ways and Tips to Improve memory power : In these days many people are trying to increase their memory power but due to lack of at least possible tips which are simple to follow causing impossible to recharge the memory power.Many of the people are suffering due to lack of short-term memory power and long-term memory power and some are both.Although they are trying to get out of from these problems they are not knowing the extreme tips for recharging the memory power  is their main problem.Following the tips which gives us a results were mainly based on our physical and mental condition.

What are the reasons  that are causing for  memory loss :-

When you know the reasons for the causes for memory losses then only you get the solutions to improve your memory power.Some of the few important reasons for memory loss that we are facing normally in our daily life are

  • In sufficient sleep
  • Stress and strain
  • lack of right diet
  • Not doing yoga and meditation
  • Over thinking

Tips to Improve memory power

Assumption or imaginary :- The work what you have to do should be imagine in your own site in a imaginary manner for yourself.Then your memory will drives you what you have imagine before without any strikes until the completion of a work.In this way you can recharge your memory easily.

Thinking capability:- Your thinking capability would not be as like as over thinking but it would be  in smarter.Smarter thinking makes your memory power sharper.It causes to bring bigger thoughts which leads to the existence of new one’s.

Right Diet :- For to improve the memory power you have to maintain the right diet at right time.Taking milk,leafy vegetables,fruits,juices which provides a sufficient amount of Vitamin-A,Vitamin-K and also iron helps us in    maintaining right diet.Drinking sufficient amount of water maintains the balance of a body and helps to free from weakness.But the fried foods, white bread,are opposite to improvement of memory power.The food which you intake should be combination of acids and bases.Recharging of memory power personalise the power level of it.

Doing daily exercises :- Doing daily exercises and meditation gives fitness not only to physical health but also to mental health.The nerves and muscles get relaxed faster and helps to recharge the memory power.

Sharing with others :- For to recharge your memory you have to share with others what you have learn.sharing involves the distribution what you have experienced in past and increase the power level of your memory.Sharing helps to memorise anything for a long time.

The Tips to Improve memory power which are expressed in above are very important for your daily life.But the simple tips for recharging memory power are in your hands such as thinking positively, deep breathing,iron intake and also peaceful mind motivates you Tips to Improve memory power

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