Web Technology Important Questions – February 2016

Web Technology Important Questions : Good News for the student by newjntuworld.com because of Web Technology Important Questions. In this page the Expected Questions are given. From many Years we are expecting the possible Questions. These Questions have helped to all for easy presentation. These Questions helps you to write the exams happily. you can make use of it for the exams. Though the exams are very near this page helps you to feel easy. In this page possible Questions are mainly included which are helpful to write the exams easy.

Web Technology Important Questions
Web Technology Important Questions

Web Technology Important Questions

In this page the important Questions from Unit-wise are given. These Questions are from frequently asked questions and  from most important topics. This Question bank makes sure to attain max. marks. Last Year many students had satisfied by the Question bank set by us. Make sure you will also satisfy if you try.

Web Technology Important Questions  in UNIT -1

  • For Essay Questions
  1. SOA and Service roles.
  2. Architectural Process.
  • For 2 marks
  1. Define web service.
  2. Define UDDI.
  3. Define SOAP.
  4. Difference between WSDL and WSFL.
  5. What is Technology Stack?
  6. What is Value Chain?
  7. Difference between Green, Yellow and White Pages.
  8. What is the role Service Provider, Requester and Broker?

Web Technology Important Questions in UNIT – 2

  • For Essay Questions
  1. Well-formedness of XML document.
  2. Components of XML document.
  3. XML- Stylesheets.
  4. XML-Namespaces.
  • For 2 Marks
  1. Features of XML.
  2. Difference between Attributes and Entities.
  3. What is an element?
  4. What is CSS?
  5. What is XSL?
  6. What is DTD?
  7. What are the attribute specification parameters?
  8. What is EDI FACT?

Web Technology Important Questions in UNIT – 3

  • For Essay Questions
  1. JSP( both theory and Program can be asked), Components.
  2. Servlets( both)
  3. J2EE Architecture.
  • For 2 Marks
  1. Difference between 2-tier and 3-tier model?
  2. Criteria for n-tier model?
  3. What are servlets all about?
  4. Characteristics of Servlets.
  5. What is URL?
  6. Difference between get and post methods.
  7. Life cycle of a servlet.
  8. What is session tracking and its techniques?
  9. What is cookie?
  10. JSP implicit objects.
  11. Difference between CGI and Servlets.

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